Pakistan Coronavirus (COVID-19) Ration Relief 2020 Appeal

  • 1000 ration packs ordered
  • 1 pack for 1 month per household
  • £25 to support one household for a month

COVID-19 Global Pandemic

As the world finds itself in such unprecedented and challenging times UKMAP collaborates with their trusted and on the ground partners CONNECT to raise and provide emergency relief to the Pakistan Cornavirus (COVID-19) Ration Relief and support those individuals destitute in the countries lockdown to deal with spread of COVID-19.

Access to rations, food supplies, bare necessities and healthcare have become more and more challenging due to the lock down, individuals in self-isolation and minimized movement. Those on low incomes and heavily reliant on the little they earn become even more vulnerable and high risk as they struggle to provide for their families.

UKMAP’s partnership with CONNECT for the Pakistan Cornavirus (COVID-19) Ration Relief begun in March asking for UK donors to donate just £25 for 1 food parcel containing food necessities for 1 family for 1 month.

To date, two Distribution cycles have taken place with the third one scheduled to commence on the 4th April 2020 in Orangi, Karachi. In the past month CONNECT has distributed to Islamabad and KPK but with your generous donations we can increase our outreach and provide food supplies to many more and across may other cities much in need.

With a few weeks to Ramadhan use this opportunity as your Zakaat in a time of much need.

Thank you