UKMAP’s collaboration with CONNECT

Providing Ration Relief in Karachi

Our partnership with CONNECT goes back to the 2010 floods, where we joined efforts and supported the rural areas of Sindh. CONNECT is a charity formed by a group of determined and inspirational women looking to help those from impoverished communities.

This COVID-19 Global Pandemic and the lockdown has left the most vulnerable even more destitute than ever. Daily wage earners find themselves struggling to feed and support families leading to potential mental health and emotional wellbeing problems.

In response to the pandemic and to alleviate some of the pressures caused to families, UKMAP joined hands with trusted partners CONNECT in March on the worthy mission to raise funds and distribute food ration to daily wage earners in areas of deprivation.

Food rations are being distributed following a rigorous process to identify those most in need and complying to an organised supply and distribution process.


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