UKMAP December 2017 Press Release

The team at UKMAP would like to wish all our supporters and patrons a very blessed festive season. We would also like to extend our gratitude towards your investment into our work and share with you some of our key achievements of 2017….

At our November annual gala dinner, with your generosity we raised £40,000 for our causes, which will include the funding and expansion of our three main projects:

  1. Clean water for remote villages as well as deprived communities in urban regions. These include areas of Sindh, Baluchistan, Punjab and KPK, servicing communities of up to 22,000 residents in each area.

Drinking water is  the main source of water borne diseases and hence this mission is critical for us as medical practitioners to ensure as much access to clean sources of drinking water as possible.

  1. Carefully vetted and deserving Student bursaries for medical and mid- wifery qualifications, ensuring local people can serve their local communities with the relevant education and skills. We are committed to offering this support as this ensures the increase of wellbeing in a sustainable and long-term benefit for the local communities these students come from.

Bursaries per student are often for the five year lifecycle of a medical qualification which is accredited by the main educational bodies at provincial level.

  1. Hepatitis B and C prevention and pts treatment. This is key as Pakistan still has one of the highest ratios of hep B&C in the world. This remains a greater threat than HIV even, and is not given appropriate coverage and awareness at village level. Polio has been highlighted due to foreign support into the campaigning of preventative techniques, yet no such resource has been forthcoming for hepatitis. We are ensuring this changes, and have been working tirelessly to offering medical treatment and preventative help to sufferers of this disease.

We will be announcing our 2018 goals via our website and again thank you for believing in us and sharing our journey.


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